The Sèvres Manufactory

The Manufacture nationale de Sèvres

The porcelain Manufactory was set up in Vincennes in 1740 and was transferred to specially designed facilities at Sèvres in 1756. Its mission, since its establishment, has been to produce ceramic objets d’art using a high level of technical know-how preserved through the centuries.

Presently the manufactory devotes more than half of its activity to contemporary creation. combining tradition and modernity, quality and innovation. Excellence is obtained by the conjunction of the savoir-faire of the craftsmen with the talent of invited artists.

Visits for groups of the museum’s collections and of manufactory’s workshops can be organized by the direction du développement culturel et de la communication, service des publics et de l’action éducative, phone +33 (0)1 46 29 22 05.

Sèvres – Manufacture et Musée nationaux
2 place de la Manufacture
92310 SÈVRES. France
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