About Sèvres Magazine


The « Sèvres » Magazine of the Friends of the Sèvres Museum Society (FSMS) was created in 1992.
From 1955 to 1977, the association had published the Cahiers de la céramique, du verre et des arts du feu.

Intended for lovers and friends of ceramics, the « Sèvres » magazine is a magazine of reference in the domain of ceramics. Each issue presents a selection of papers abundantly illustrated, concerning ceramics and related arts, from Antiquity to present-day period. The papers are written by most eminent scholars, experts and museum curators. The magazine is complemented by the presentation of  more general information in the domain of ceramic arts : exhibitions, papers, catalogues and books recently issued. See Contents of Sèvres Magazines.

The « Sèvres » magazine of the year is included in the FSMS membership fee. The FSMS members have access to some articles  of the Sèvres magazine through the Members Space.

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