Web site (in French) of the French association “Les Amis de la Faïence Fine”. It is mainly devoted to the earthenware produced by Creil – Montereau.

Web site (in French) of the association Les Amis de la Faïence, Sinceny, France.

The site includes studies devoted to the earthenware production of Sinceny, Aisne, France.

Web site (in French and German) of the association Amis suisses de la céramique (Swiss Friends of Ceramics)

Web site of  The French Porcelain Society.

Established in 1984 in the UK by Kate Foster (Lady Davson) for amateurs of French porcelain: scholars, professionals, dealers, collectors and enthousiasts, interested in sharing and advancing knowledge of, and scholarship in, the subject.

Web site of the association English Ceramic Circle.

Web site (in German) of the association Keramos, Gesellschaft der Keramikfreunde (Ceramics’ Friends Society) in Germany.

Web site of the association American Ceramic Circle.