The FSMS organizes for its members visits to exhibitions, museums and artists’ studios, as well as study trips, enabling them to discover major ceramic collections with the greatest specialists in the domain.

Each of these activities concern 20 to 35 participants. More details are presented in the French version.

The Society provides financial support for acquisitions aimed at increasing the collections of the Sèvres Ceramics Museum.

In spite of the continuation of the pandemia and its associated constraints, the Society organized in 2021 several visits ; a group of 21 members participated to a three-day discovery trip in Saumur and surroundings from 20th to 22nd October 2021.

Besides, the Friends of the Sèvres Museum Society contributed in 2021 to financing the restauration of porcelain works of Royal provenance belonging to the collections of the Sèvres national Ceramics Museum (more details in the French version).

The programme of activities for 2020 was severely affected by the coronavirus pandemia. The study trips had to be cancelled, but several visits of exhibitions and castles were organized.

In 2019, the Society organized a 2-day study trip to Limoges, March 20 & 21, 2019 and a 2-day study trip to Besançon, November 20 & 21 (report in the French version).

In 2019, the Society contributed to the acquisition of a prestigious Sèvres porcelain plate representing the visit of King Louis XVIII to the Sèvres Manufactory, in order to enrich the collections of the Sèvres Ceramics Museum (more details in the French version).

Two trips were organized in 2018: in June, two days were devoted to visits of exhibitions in museums of the Hauts de France around Saint Omer and from October 1 to 6 the study trip outside France took place in Copenhagen and surroundings.


In 2018, the Society contributed the enrichment of the collections of the Sèvres Ceramics Museum in financing the  acquisition of a Sèvres porcelain biscuit of the 18th century from the Ortiz-Patiño collection (more details in the French version).

In 2017, the association has organized a study trip to Barcelona and Valencia, Catalonia, Spain, from October 16 to 22, with 17 participants (detailed report in the French version) .

In 2017, the Society had contributed to the acquisition of a prestigious pair of historical vases in Sèvres porcelain. These vases had been chosen by the Emperor Napoléon Ier in December 1809, to serve as a gift to his sister, the Princess Pauline Borghèse. To discover them, you are invited to download Vases Pauline Borghese-Hamilton Palace 1809.

In 2016, the association has organized a study trip to Vienna, Austria, from September 21 to 26, with 26 participants (detailed report in the French version).

In 2015, the one-week study trip took place from September 30 to October 6 in Napoli and Campania, with 28 participants.

In 2015 also, a 2-day trip was organized in Geneva on April 15 & 16. It was devoted to the exceptional visit of a prestigious private collection in Geneva and to the visit of the rich collections of two important museums, the Ariana Museum for Ceramics and glass and the Baur Foundation devoted to Oriental art.


The Friends of the Sèvres Museum in the Saint Petersburg porcelain manufactory

The one-week study trip of year 2014 took place from October 6th to 12th in Saint Petersburg. Two days were devoted to the visits of prestigious palaces and parks in the vicinity of St. Petersburg : Peterhof, Oranienbaum, Pavlovsk, Tsarskoïe Selo. In Saint Petersburg itself, two visits were devoted to the Hermitage Museum collections : one for the masterpieces and the other focused on the European porcelain collections with M. Jan Vilensky, curator of Ceramics in the Department of Western European Art. We also visited the Menshihov Palace with the curator, Dr. Ekaterina Andreeva, the Russian Museum (Russian Icons, ceramics and glass, folk art, paintings…), the Stieglitz Applied Arts Museum and the Museum of the St. Petersburg porcelain manufactory. The programme also included the visits of the Saint Nicholas Naval Cathedral and, in the Petrograd island, of the Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral with the graves of the Romanov dynasty.

A three-day trip from 11th to 13th June 2014 was devoted to the visit of old pharmacies (apothicaireries) in Burgundy: Thoissey, Châtillon sur Chalaronne, Bellevue, Mâcon, Châlon sur Saône, Beaune, Seurre, Louhans and Tournus.

Le groupe des Amis du musée de Sèvres devant le château de Lustheim autour de Julia Weber, conservateur

The Friends of the Sèvres Museum around Julia Weber, curator, at Lustheim Palace

The one-week study trip of October 2013 took place in Bayern. It included the visits of the prestigious collections of palaces and museums in Nürnberg (Deutsches Nationalmuseum), Bayreuth (Neues Schloss), Bamberg (Ludwig collection), Ansbach (Residenz), Munich (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, palaces of Nymphenburg et Lustheim) as well as major monuments and sites in Nürnberg (Saint Sebald church, market place), Bayreuth (Opernhaus), Bamberg (cathedral) and Munich (Marienplatz and Hofbräuhaus). The group also visited the Porzellanikon Museum in Selb et Hohenberg, partner of the European Route of Ceramics. The FSMS group had also the great privilege to visit two private collections. The last day

was devoted to recalling the memory of Louis II of Bayern at Herrenchiemsee.

The warm welcome of the curators of the monuments visited and of our hosts was highly appreciated.

Since 1989, the following destinations have been explored, mainly outside France:

2021 – Three-day trip to Saumur & surrounding, October 20 – 22.

2019 – Two-day trip to Limoges & surroundings, March 20 & 21.
Two-day trip to Besançon, November 20 & 21.

2018 – Six-day trip to Copenhagen and surroundings from October 1 to 6.
Two-day trip around Saint Omer, Hauts de France, in June.

2017 – One-week trip to Valencia and Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, from October 16 to 22.

2016 – Six-day trip to Vienna, Austria, from September 21 to 26.

2015 – One-week trip to Napoli and surroundings from September 30 to October 6,
and Two-day trip to Geneva in April.

2014 – One-week trip to Saint Petersburg and surroundings, in October,
and Three-day trip to Burgundy in June on the theme “Old pharmacies in Burgundy”.

2013 – One-week trip to Bayern, from Nürnberg to München, in October,
and Two-day trip to Limoges in March.

2012 – One-week trip to England in October,
and Three-day trip on the theme “Glass and crystal in Lorraine-Alsace” in April.

2011 – One-week trip to Turin and Genova, in northern Italy in October,
and Two one-day trips in Ile de France.

2010 – One-week trip to Netherlands in October.

2009 – One-week trip to Central Italy, from Venice to Rome in October,
and 2-days trip to Lyon in February.

2008 – One-week trip to Switzerland and Bade-Wurtemberg in October,
and  4-days trip to Berlin and  Potsdam in June.

2007 – One-week trip to Portugal, from Lisbon to Porto in October,
and one-day trip to Marseilles in January.

2006 – One-week trip to Dresde and surroundings.

2005 – One-week trip to  Sicily.

2004 – One-week trip to Czeck Republic.

2003 – One-week trip to Andalusia, Spain.

2002 – One-week trip to  Copenhaguen et Hamburg.

2001 – Ten day  trip to Turkey.

2000 – One-week trip to Spain : Barcelona and Madrid.

1999 – One-week trip to Northern Italy.

1998 – Eight-day trip to Russia : Moscou and Saint Petersburg.

1997 – One-week trip to Bayern : Munich, Nymphenburg …

1996 – One-week trip to Naples and surroundings.

1994 – Ten-day trip to the United States East Coast.

1993 – One-week trip to England,
and 2-day trip to Geneva and Nyon.

1992 – One-week trip to Portugal, around Lisbon.

1991 – One-week trip to Alsace, Rastatt, Heidelberg and Basel.

1990 – Six-day trip to Netherlands.

1989 – Eight-day trip to Berlin, Meissen and  Prague.